Business Social Compliance Intiative

As all our production takes palce in our facilty in Pakistan therefore we are more responsible of our impact we have on Mother Nature . Which is why we make sure our production is done in an ethical way . Below are some of our Certifications which we have worked very hard to achieve:

Sedex By Smeta

We want our Work force to be treated in the right way from our soldiers in the crop fields till our Scientists in Shipment Dispatch.


We use only the best chemicals in our processing units ,We guarantee our products to be safe and harm free for our customers.

Global Recycled

We urge our customers to use our recyled facility as we have found this to be the most effiecient way to reduce our carbon foot print.

Global Organic

The cotton that we use in our Paul T shirt and Polo Shirt is wild. sustainably procured with 100 % chemical free.

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