Discover the British Fabric Collection Inspired by ‘Bridgerton’ Elegance

Step into the world of regal elegance with a British fabric collection that exudes the charm of the hit series ‘Bridgerton.’ This article takes you on a journey through a curated selection of remarkable projects and artisans, showcasing their passion for textiles and design. From a luxurious hotel in Portugal to a revival of Indian textile traditions, and even a treasure trove of handcrafted objects from a renowned architectural duo, prepare to be inspired by the fusion of artistry and craftsmanship.

The Largo de São Domingos: Where History Meets Hospitality

In the heart of Porto, Portugal, Danish goldsmith Per Enevoldsen and his friend Steen Bock discovered a pair of 16th-century buildings. Today, these historic structures form the foundation of the Largo, an enchanting hospitality project combining an 18-room hotel, the innovative restaurant Cozinha das Flores, and the captivating bar Flôr. Designed by Space Copenhagen, the interiors pay homage to local materials and the work of regional artisans, including a stunning tiled mural by renowned architect Álvaro Siza. The Largo presents a harmonious blend of contemporary aesthetics and the timeless charm of a Portuguese home.

Empowering India’s Textile Traditions: A Trio of Designers

India’s rich textile heritage takes center stage as a trio of designers strives to bring luxury men’s wear from the country to the international spotlight. Kartik Kumra, founder of Karu, celebrates artisanal craftsmanship through small-scale producers who create woven silk and voile fabrics on antique hand looms. Waqqid Waheed, the visionary behind Harago, forges personal connections with textile artisans in Jaipur, incorporating their treasures and inspirations into the brand’s distinct designs. Meanwhile, Rikki Kher, founder of Kardo, embarks on a creative journey across India, uniting various textile production centers to bring forth a captivating range of hand-painted shirting and silk garments.

Alexandre da Cunha: A Fusion of Color and Found Objects

Brazilian artist Alexandre da Cunha mesmerizes viewers with his solo exhibition, “Broken,” at London’s Thomas Dane gallery. Drawing influence from his experiences split between London and São Paulo, da Cunha’s artwork captures a sense of entrapment and liberation simultaneously. His captivating use of found objects, such as keys and coins encased in glass bottles, showcases his affinity for Latin American colors while paying homage to Brutalist architecture. The exhibition’s exploration of potential inspires viewers to contemplate the boundless possibilities within their own lives.

East London Cloth: Reviving Silk-Weaving Glamour

Gemma Moulton, the creative force behind East London Cloth, endeavors to revive the disappearing textile industry in Britain. Her latest fabric collection, the Spitalfields Collection, draws inspiration from the archives of a historic Suffolk mill, renowned for weaving the silk for Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation outfit. Moulton meticulously revives three exquisite designs from the 17th century and the Regency era, bringing a touch of bygone glamour to contemporary interiors. Whether adorning a silk headboard or gracing the walls as framed art, these fabrics evoke a sense of timeless elegance.

Studio KO: Handcrafted Objects That Complete a Vision

Architectural duo Karl Fournier and Olivier Marty, known as Studio KO, excel at creating fully immersive spaces, rich with handcrafted objects. Their dedication to meticulously crafted details is evident in their renowned projects, such as the Yves Saint Laurent Museum in Marrakesh and the Flamingo Estate bathhouse in Los Angeles. Their recently launched online store, L’Oeil de KO, offers a curated collection of objects and collaborations with beloved artisans

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